Always Joyful

Ever had an “oh sh*t” kind of moment when you consider graduating? Me too. Where do we find our joy in the midst of confusion?

Spring Break in Tijuana: Three Lessons I Learned

Two weeks ago I was in Tijuana serving alongside nineteen other twenty-something-year-olds. And to be honest, it wrecked me. Back in the Fall I was asked by my church to accompany our Spring Break missions team to Tijuana as the videographer. I’m lucky to have a few friends on staff who know my heart for Latin…


Random thoughts that I am trying to make sense of this week – Light in the darkness, self-consciousness, and a hunger for the world

November Diary

Honestly as I sit down to write this, I am having a hard time recalling all that has happened in this packed month. For these updates, my planner is my best friend. I can never decide if I love or hate the month of November, in my mind it is plagued with poor memories and…

October Diary

Here’s a little blurb about the adventures of October & a list of some of my favorite things that you cannot continue to live life without.