I am Enough

On Womanhood and the de-construction of the past

European AJ

I took a trip to Europe after Graduation and learned all kinds of things about myself. If you want to read my journal, click here for the innermost vulnerable thoughts of my young heart.

Always Joyful

Ever had an “oh sh*t” kind of moment when you consider graduating? Me too. Where do we find our joy in the midst of confusion?

Spring Break in Tijuana: Three Lessons I Learned

Two weeks ago I was in Tijuana serving alongside nineteen other twenty-something-year-olds.¬†And to be honest, it wrecked me. Back in the Fall I was asked by my church to accompany our Spring Break missions team to Tijuana as the videographer. I’m lucky to have a few friends on staff who know my heart for Latin…


Random thoughts that I am trying to make sense of this week – Light in the darkness, self-consciousness, and a hunger for the world

November Diary

Honestly as I sit down to write this, I am having a hard time recalling all that has happened in this packed month. For these updates, my planner is my best friend. I can never decide if I love or hate the month of November, in my mind it is plagued with poor memories and…