AJ Bares All

If I was going to most accurately name this post I would probably call it: WTF Just Happened: The Blog Post I’ve Avoided for a Year. But I thought that might be a little offensive, so we’ll just include the title here. At the beginning of my junior year of college I hated men, feared…

Europe, It’s Been a Month.

I am currently positioned in the middle seat of a full airplane on its way to Washington, trying desperately not to jam an elbow into the ribs of my seat-mates as I transcribe this… so here’s to three hour flights (aka unadulterated writing time), too small public transport seats, and bladders the size of peanuts…


Random thoughts that I am trying to make sense of this week – Light in the darkness, self-consciousness, and a hunger for the world


College campuses and skewed pictures of womanhood. We are more than meat.

My Place of Quiet Retreat

I recently took a weekend trip up to the lake town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for a weekend church retreat – but instead, what I found was the quiet of solitude and the peace of being overwhelmed by God’s creation.

Call Me Out

I got coffee with one of my good friends the other day and as we were talking I could see the beginning of tears in her eyes, riddled with sadness, frustration, anger – all of it – and I wanted to cry too. “You know what one of the things I love most about you…