My Parents Are Actually Children

It’s been snowing a lot in Eastern Washington lately, and with that has come two overly-enthused parents. They’ve been bugging me to take some snapshots of the massive icicles growing around the border of our house, so after much pestering I braved the cold and took the rig out for a spin. Here are a…

Musical Adventures in the Snow

My little brother learned how to play the banjo and let me take pictures of him with it in the snow.

Palouse Falls

My friend Grace and I have been talking about sunrise hikes for a while now. A couple weeks ago we discovered that we both are enamored  of sunrises, sunsets, and anything involving the sky in general. For me, it is where I often see God the greatest –  in the vastness of an open  sky which…


 Sometimes you have to take a day off from life, get in the car with your best friend, drive until you reach the city and chase after fall before it fades into winter.  I have been feeling awfully overwhelmed by the demands of life lately, so I skipped town for a few hours to have a…

My Place of Quiet Retreat

I recently took a weekend trip up to the lake town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for a weekend church retreat – but instead, what I found was the quiet of solitude and the peace of being overwhelmed by God’s creation.

Textures & Cool Tones

Recently I spent the morning with a lovely friend of mine and we took our cameras for a spin!

The New Rig

I took my new rig for a spin, here are some of the results.